Cotton Canvas

The Cotton Canvas series is one part of the Foundation project. This project is a search into finding a way to use material objects to present and commercialize the results of visual processes. In Cotton Canvas pieces of clothing are used as a medium to present and distribute abstract visual shapes and symbols. Materials: ink on raw unbleached cotton.

Unknown Serie

Screenprint on colored paper. To inform on pre-ordering

The Typeface
Dictates The Message

For the poster project of the Graphic Design Festival Breda. I was asked to design a poster that somehow connected with the theme of the festival “Decoding The City”. The decoding of what the function of a typeface can be was my inspiration for this poster. The typeface is the elementary part of graphic design. The shape, historic background and context of a typeface are the first elements of design that influence the reader.

Stain Magazine

Stencil prints produced in conjuction with Extrapool during the O.K. magazine festival. Subject is “NOW” the moment between the past and the future. Made in collaboration with Gwenda Jakobs

van bostelen

The concept behind the Van Bostelen was to keep the overall shapes to an absolute minimum. This starting point was inspirered by my typography teacher Herman van Bostelen and was presented when he stopped teaching.

Fontanel Magazine

This visual identity is created for the dutch design web magazine Fontanel. We created a classical and minimalist identity to become part of their new online presence. The basis of the identity is a blank space that is allocated between two diagonal lines. This space is free of dogmas, conventions and other creative repression. All content on Fontanel is selected and edited to the highest quality and every piece of visual content becomes part the free-space system and contributes to a bigger collection of the overall identity.

Tactile Translations

This is my entry for the sleeve design competition organised by ONtwerp Atelier. The concept is that role of the designer changes, form making a visual representation of the work of the musician / producer, to creating images based on nothing but visual structures and esthetics and having a musician interpret that into music.
I chose to use the associative powers of structures, textures and materials to give a lose structure and context within which the musician will have the freedom to interpret my work.

Death On Holiday

A fanzine that questions our needs to escape the reality of our mundane lives in order to feel alive. We risk life and limb to go on holiday and convince ourselves that our inevitable end will wait. Made in collaboration with Gwenda Jakobs

tablet edition

This is an example of a digital publication specifically designed for touch screen interaction. This working prototype is created with modern web technologies and was made to demonstrate the possibilities of in browser content and interface optimization for tablet devices. For more information on the possibilities drop us an e-mail.

Another Something is a lifestyle journal founded by Joachim Baan. [Video by Pieter Hoogland]


Research into the symmetry of the roman numeral nineteen in a two colour stencil print.

Give Type A Face

Made for the Graphic Design Festival Breda 2010. Exhibited as part of group exhibition GVD project. This group exhibition was based on “The Incomplete Manifesto For Growth” by Bruce Mau

Ik ben benieuwd

A publication which contains a series of interviews with independent graphic designers on the perils of working as an independent graphic designer. The main issues focus on keeping the balance between artistic freedom and their business interests. This was produced as part of my final thesis.


As art director for Bright magazine I have had the opportunity to further develope the creative content for the print publication of Bright Magazine. For Bright I don’t only look for talented people to work with but create editorial design and illustration. Together with the editorial team we have also taken the first steps into digital publishing for the iPad and mobile phone apps.

My World, Our World

Sjoerd Knibbeler

Portfolio website for dutch photographer Sjoerd Knibbeler. The brief was to create a flexible and neutral environment to give maximum control to the author and minimal visual distractions for the visitor.

Paper Mind

For a pan European initiative called Paper Mind. For this project every participant was assigned a typical dutch phenomena like a saying or product. Depicted is my version of the traditional cuisine of eating raw herring. I was asked to participate in the exhibition which was organized in Amsterdam.
In collaboration with Gwenda Jakobs